Vines are a great feature to many landscape designs. They can be used creatively in a wide variety of ways. From a dense ground cover to privacy barriers, wall designs or on trellises, arbors and pergola features. 

Featured below is a Trumpet Vine one of the many choices we have available at our shop. Swing by to check out our assortment of vines and trellises we have in stock!


Trumpet Vine - Campsis radicans

The Trumpet Vine vigorously grows by aerial roots and twining. It is a fast-growing vine that grows 30-40 ft in height. Due to this prolific growth it requires substantial support. It likes full sun for best flowering results and is attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. Flowers are orange-scarlet, 3 inches long, tube-shaped and showy from July-September. After flowering, long, bean-shaped pods are produced that can persist through the winter. The Trumpet Vine requires a large area to grow and can spread through seeds or suckers. Heavy pruning in late winter or early spring is suggested in order to maintain quality and size.